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Dual LED and UV Light 10x Triplet Loupe

LED/UV triplet loupe
Your Price: $32.95
Item Number: 35.0435

Use this 10X lighted loupe in low light environments or when extra lighting is desired.  The ring of six LED lights surround a lens measuring 20.5mm providing a clear, even illumination without casting shadows of harsh reflection.  Black non-reflective housing reduces glare and prevents color distortion.  See the luster and clarity every time!  Battery included.

  • 6 LED lights for bright and clear illumination
  • 1 UV light to detect fluorescence in diamonds
  • 10x triplet lens for clear, undistorted view
  • Uses 3 x 394 silver-oxide cells
  • Product size 2" X 1.1" X 0.9" Inches (49 X 26 X 24mm)

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Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Perfect for an Electronics Engineer too.
Michael Steinbach (Marion, IL) 12/12/2011 10:29 AM
The product photo doesn't really show how bright these LEDs are. I purchased 4 of these for our Engineers at an ECU manufacturing plant. We use loupes to look at tiny electronic parts and often we are not close to a light source other than overhead florescent lights. We also use a coating on our products which glows under UV, making this loupe perfect for our needs. I wish the UV LED was a bit brighter, perhaps place 3 UV leds between the white LEDs in the white ring to help reduce shadows. Overall, a very well made product that works well for a variety of uses.

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