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Spearhead High Speed 90 Degree Hart Bur Assortment

HSS 90 Degree Hart Burs
HSS 90 Degree Hart BursHSS 90 Degree Hart Burs
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this product is made in the usa

These 90° Hart Spearhead high speed steel burs are made in the USA. Made of M2 steel, they are specially cut to increase performance, retain sharpness and reduce clogging. They withstand heat buildup, cut faster and last longer than standard jewelers burs.  All have 3/32" shanks.  Set come in a convenient wood storage box. Choose from an assortment of sizes in 14 or 18 piece set.

  • 90° Hart high speed steel burs
  • Choose from 14 or 18 piece set
  • Come in wood storage box

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Hart 90 degree burs
Jewelry Making Grobet USA Panther Hart 90 Degree Burs Stone Setting (each)
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Jewelry Making Grobet USA Panther Hart 90 Degree Burs Stone Setting (each)
Hart 90 degree burs can be used with your Foredom, rotary handpiece, flex shaft or other jewelry tool. These burs are great to use with stone setting gemstones and working on gold and silver jewelry.

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