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Bead Mounting With .05 Ct Accent - 14K Yellow Gold

Gold bead mounting
Your Price: $32.00
Item Number: 50-254-2505
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Bead Mountings and Bead Drops are used for designing pearl and half drilled bead pendants.  In order to secure the bead in place use super glue or jewelers cement on the peg, in the drill hole, and a small amount on the cup. 

The accent mounting allows for gemstone or diamond to be set above your pearl or bead design.  

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14K gold bead mounting
Bead Mounting with .03 Ct Accent - 14K Yellow Gold
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Bead Mounting with .03 Ct Accent - 14K Yellow Gold
Use this bead mounting with accent to create a beautiful bead or pearl pendant that also features any precious stone you set in the accent.

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