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Horotec Brush, Scratch, 14 X 60

Horotec Scratch Brush
Horotec Scratch BrushHorotec Scratch Brush
Your Price: $6.99
Item Number: 16.301

These Horotec Brushes are designed so that you don’t even need a handle to use them, giving you more minute control over the work you are doing. These brass bristles are great for tough cleaning tasks, like trying to remove rust from rusty watch parts or electrical contacts. You can also use these scratch brushes for applying a matte finish to a metal watch band or other metal jewelry by using the brush gently on the surface until you create the look you want.

  • Product size 2.5" X 0.5" X 0.1" Inches (62 X 13 X 3mm)
  • Don’t even need a handle to use them

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Horotec Scratch Brush 27 x 60mm
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Horotec Scratch Brush 27 x 60mm
This Horotec scratch brush is made to make cleaning rust from small watch parts and cleaning electrical contacts quick and easy. This Swiss watchmakers tool is also perfect for applying a matte finish to watch bands and bracelets.

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