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Watch Gaskets Red Plastic Case Back Gasket Assortment (30 Pieces)

Your Price: $129.95
Item Number: 84.090

These great plastic case back gaskets are just what watchmakers need for various Gucci, Omega, and other popular watches. This kit is made up of the most common sizes to ensure that you always have the sizes you need to save your valuable time and money.

  • Assortment contains 30 different plastic gasket sizes
  • 1 gasket of each size
  • .55 mm thick
  • Available diameters: 17.35, 17.85, 18.35, 18.85, 19.35, 19.85, 20.35, 20.85, 21.35, 21.85, 22.35, 22.85, 23.35, 23.85, 24.35, 24.85, 25.35, 25.85, 26.35, 26.85, 27.35, 27.85, 28.35, 28.85, 29.35, 29.85, 30.35, 30.85, 31.35, and 31.85 mm
  • Fit Gucci and Omega watches
  • Comes in a handy refillable box
  • Red plastic gaskets
  • Refills available
  • Swiss made


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These red plastic watch case back gaskets are just the thing that watchmakers who work on Gucci, Omega, and other popular name brand watches need. These red gaskets fit many different brands of watches to maintain airtight seals and water resistance.

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