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It's not unusual to be the one to save the day when a ring gets stuck on someone's finger. One thing you're known for may be how quickly and painlessly you are able to remove a ring that won't otherwise budge. Our Beaver ring cutter is an essential element in any jewelry repair kit, and with its satin chrome parts situated precisely within a comfort gripped molded plastic handle implement, this popular tool will easily saw a ring, no matter if it's on someone's finger or lying harmlessly on a countertop. It's one reason your watch repair tool kit is probably very important to the work you do. And we think it follows that contact information should be kept front and center among your resource files. After all, we not only carry those same standard reliable tools and supplies relied upon for years, but also we keep up with the latest innovations. If it's available to jewelers, we probably know about it. Whether you are looking for Seiko watch parts or rolex watch parts we've got it. Your customers will continue to count on you to save the day, and we'll be there to make sure you have the tools you need to do it.

Great Watch Repair Tool Kit

Either someone is coming in to purchase a new band for a watch or to ask you to attach one they've brought in. It's not a terribly difficult task, but it's even less so if you have the right tools. A good addition to any watch repair tool kit is the "Little Giant" Friction Band Pin Remover and Replacement Pins we carry. Inexpensive, reliable, these require little investment with a great return. After all, they'll make your customer service just what you want it to be. Add to this the band holding block, band pin pliers, link remover on a wooden stand, and pin punch set or the friction band pin assortment and you'll be all ready to acquire one more satisfied customer.


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