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Esslinger & Co. offers the largest selection of quality watch supplies for any of your repair needs. Whether you are a certified jeweler or a devoted hobbyist, our inventory of watch parts is extensive. Our inventory boasts the latest technology and innovations available. We specialize in every component needed for repairing your watch. Watch batteries, watch crystals, mechanical watch movements and bands are just a few of the numerous supplies on hand to help fix that special timepiece. Collectors and hobbyists will find every supply for watch repair whether they are working on an antique or refurbishing a broken timepiece. Full-time jewelers will be delighted with our superior stock and quick turnaround. Comprehensive stock, fast processing and delivery allows your business to repair watches quickly for your valued customers.

Quick Delivery on Watch Batteries

Changing batteries can be very profitable for your horology business. Our superior battery inventory allows jewelers to supply their stores using our competitive prices. If you install watch batteries, a watch battery kit is the best for your organizational needs. The kit includes a 60-drawer cabinet with over 130 assorted batteries. Additionally, it comes with a training booklet, a battery cross reference guide and tester. Removing dead batteries will also require a battery tool kit. This extensive kit comes with tweezers, screwdrivers and wrenches to help with opening the watch back. The kit allows for the delicate removal of the dead battery without disturbing the inner workings of the timepiece. It also protects the back from scratches and blemishes.

One-Stop Shopping

Esslinger & Co. wants to be your only watch parts supplier. We have been in business since 1923. We pride ourselves on filling 95% of our orders the same day. That way your business can get the products you need the quickest. Our company is committed to being the best supplier for every watch supply need. Our experienced staff is eager to answer any of your questions. Special wholesale pricing makes us affordable and convenient.


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