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Magnification and Watch Repair Tools

One significant element of watchmaking is magnification, as jewelers know. You have to be able to see small items with sufficient lighting, and fortunately, if you have a task, Esslinger offers jewelry repair kits that have a tool. Watchmaker magnifiers run the gamut from the Binocular Magnifier on a headband to free up your hands to the clip-on magnifier that works on almost any spectacle frame. These come in three strengths for magnification and include a black leatherette case to protect this finest of watch repair tools when it's not being used. Looking for a visor? You'll find the fine quality B & L Magna Visor with its padded headband so you can focus on the work at hand.

Smart Tool, Watchmaker Assistance

Tool Watchmaker

With reversible blades and color coding on the heads, the SELECT screwdriver set made in France provides excellent quality drivers in just the sizes you need, with extra blades and a case. Or perhaps you are in need of the screwdriver set that comes with a sharpening stone, created for watchmakers everywhere, plated in nickel for best wear, and easily replaced because the ferrules are threaded. No confusion ensues with these drivers either as the heads are color coded. The best, smartest watch repair tools like these are easy to shop for and purchase online; and if you're not sure about something or have questions, you can contact us. We've been in the business for a long time and we know a good tool when we see a good tool. Watchmaker parts and other supplies for your jewelry and watch making endeavors can all be found here, and everything here is a known entity. That's because we're the jeweler's jeweler, your best source for all the supplies and assistance you'll need to move forward on your pieces and projects

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