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Range of Wholesale Gemstones

The great thing about having a professional's access to the items needed to make beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and countless other items is that they're available to you wholesale. Gemstones, genuine, lab grown, and synthetic, diamonds, Swarovski foil backs, pearls, cabochon and those rich and dreamy genuine beads prized by the architects of glittering wearables, are all part of the wonderful world of wholesale jewelry supplies. Open the page and browse around; it's like a birthday celebration every time.

Lab Created Jewelry Supplies Wholesale

Jewelry Supplies Wholesale

Like the shimmering water in a peaceful lagoon, lab created Alexandrite pulls at the sunlight with a special determination, casting its aquamarine glow on any nearby surface. Set singularly in a ring or placed within the dynamic structure of a picturesque creation, this represents beautifully the glorious wholesale gemstones available from And the lab created sapphire is a beauty too among affordable jewelry supplies, wholesale just for you. These piercing blues come in many cuts, including:

  • 1.75 mm or 1.5 mm square
  • 10x5 mm marquise
  • 10x7 mm pear
  • 12x10 mm oval
  • 3.5 mm round
  • 3x1 mm straight baguette
  • 4x4 mm heart

Wholesale Jewelry Supplies and Birthstones

One popular use of stones is to mark the birthday or anniversary of a mother, sister, father, or friend, so it's not uncommon that these synthetic versions are in demand by jewelers everywhere. Month by month, these wholesale jewelry supplies are garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal, yellow topaz, and turquoise. Jewelers know how to take these glittery symbols of someone's special month and turn them into the nicest pieces. And customers can afford to invest in them because provides the best loose faceted gemstones and jewelry supplies wholesale. It's how we help you do business successfully.


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