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Bergeon Cleaning Swabs Series 7007-S Assortment of 35 Pcs.

Jewelery cleaning swabs
Your Price: $27.99
Item Number: 7007-35

This Assortment of Bergeon cleaning swabs is a smaller version of the popular Bergeon 7007-S assortment. This collection of cleaning swabs is perfect for jewelers and watchmakers because it has 5 pieces of each of the 7 different types of swabs. With this assortment on hand, you will be able to handle every type of cleaning need that may arise for months to come. With so many different types of swab heads, you will never have to try and find the right cleaning swab or q-tip again. They are great for cleaning the largest, easy to reach areas to the smallest, hard to reach places. Kit includes the following:

  • Have flexible shafts made of polypropylene
  • Swab heads are made of fine or loosely woven polyester heads or foam heads
  • Comes with 7 different kinds of swabs
  • Kit has 5 swabs of each kind
  • Has 2 different round tip, foam head swabs (17.7001 and 17.7003)
  • Has 2 pointed tip, foam head swabs (17.7002 and 17.7004)
  • Has 3 round tip, polyester swabs (17.0005, 17.0006 and 17.0007)
  • Approximately size 2.64" Inches (68mm) in length with a handle diameter of 0.09" Inches (2.2mm)
  • 35 Pieces
  • Swiss Made

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