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Bausch & Lomb Pocket Coddington Jewelry Loupe

Bausch Lomb Jewelry Loupe Magnifier
Your Price: $34.95
Item Number: 29.242
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Traditional style, compact and lightweight magnifier shows the clearest and most true-to-color images for accurate identification. Codington color-corrected lens with swing-away, nickel-plated metal cover. Though only a single lens magnifier is specially constructed.  It has a grooved diaphragm around its circumference which gives a good distortion free definition of the object being viewed.  1/2" (12.5mm) diameter lens. 10x lens. Assembled in the USA.

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10X Power Jewelry Loupe
Bausch & Lomb Triple Aplanatic Jewelry Loupe and Watch Loupe10x
Your Price: $58.95
Bausch & Lomb Triple Aplanatic Jewelry Loupe and Watch Loupe10x
A jewelers loupe makes internal flaws and surface blemishes more apparent and allows you to assess color, cut, and other aspects of a stone. Also great for watchmakers and repairing jewelry. Brings what you need to view up close, like prongs & settings.
Pocket Coddington
Bausch and Lomb Illuminated Pocket Coddington
Your Price: $34.89
Bausch and Lomb Illuminated Pocket Coddington
A standard Coddington mounted on a handle which houses two penlite batteries (not included). Light shines through lens to illuminate object being viewed. Nice for viewing watch and jewelry parts. Great for watch makers and repairing jewelry.
LED Magnifer
GemOro Radiant View Lighted LED Magnifier with UV Light
Your Price: $49.95
GemOro Radiant View Lighted LED Magnifier with UV Light
For the professional jeweler, diamond dealer or gemologist who only want the best tools of the trade, the Radiant View illuminated 10x magnifier loupe by GemOro is a must have! A must have for the jeweler, jewelry designer, jewelry repair, etc.

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