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Beadalon BeadFix Adhesive Squares 1" X 1" Inches

Beadalon adhesive squares
Beadalon adhesive squares
Your Price: $2.65
Item Number: 12.192

BeadFix adhesive squares are double sided adhesive material used to create a bond in jewelry making and a multitude of other craft type projects.  No need for messy glue getting all over the place, adhesive squares can be put exactly where you need them.  Often used with glue on bails, cabochon stones, scrapbooking, and a variety of other craft and do it yourself jewelry projects.  Simply peel back paper from one side leaving white paper still attached to reverse side, press to item, cut to size, peal back remaining paper, and it's ready to be stuck to anything you desire.  Allow 24 hours for maximum bonding potential.

  • 24 Pieces Per Package
  • 1" X 1" Inches (25 X 25mm) Squares
  • Water Resistant
  • Double Sided
  • Strong Adhesive (yet removable!)
  • Double Sided BedFix Adhesive Squares

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