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GRS BenchMate Work Holding System for Jeweler's Work Bench

GRS BenchMate Holding System
GRS BenchMate Holding SystemGRS BenchMate Holding System
Your Price: $238.00
Item Number: 53.942

this product is made in the usa

Bench Mate is a powerful holding system that stabilizes stone setting and simplifies jewelry repair. Bench Mate reduces the hand force needed to set stones, so you can set more stones per day and do a nicer job with less strain and greater confidence. And best of all, using the Bench Mate requires no major change to your work methods! Simply fasten the tapered fixed mounting plate on the front of your bench. The patented system will keep your work centered in front of your bench at just the right height. You'll be able to maintain good body posture allowing for greater comfort throughout the day. It even stabilizes stone setting while being able to move in every direction and each axis is adjustable from free to locked.

  • Attaches right to your work bench
  • Reduces the hand force necessary to set stones
  • Holds the repair at the perfect height for you
  • Allows you to maintain good posture throughout your workday
  • Stabilizes the repair
  • Can move freely to achieve perfect positioning
  • Each axis is adjustable
  • Product size 9.4" X 5.9" X 1.5" Inches (240 X 150x X 37mm)
  • Made in USA

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