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Bergeon 5409 Universal Watch Movement Holder

Watch movement holder
Your Price: $124.95
Item Number: 5409

This universal movement holder was made to be able to hold movements from almost all watches. The plate is engraved with circles that facilitate centering the movement on the rest rod. This plate is sustained by a spring and adjusts to the required height automatically, allowing you free to use both hands to work on the movement itself. The rest rod protrudes from the center of the holder and is stationary when the table moves down, more of central probe or rest rod is exposed. The table provides a cushion effect and has a void to accommodate protrusions from the watch movement. The table can be locked in position with a set screw. A very handy tool for watchmakers when replacing movements and retrofitting watches.

  • Table diameter is 35mm (base diameter is also 35mm)
  • Table can be locked in position with a set screw
  • Center probe or rest rod measures 1.50mm in diameter
  • Overall height of the holder is adjustable from 18.5mm to 22mm
  • Size 1.8" X 1.7" X 1.2" inches (46 X 44 X 30mm)
  • Swiss Made

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