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Watch Tool Watch Bezel Remover

Bezel Remover
Your Price: $175.00
Item Number: 59.477

Tired of the stress and struggle of trying to remove watch bezels? That’s what we thought: now you can easily remove watch bezels without risk of damaging them. This Watch Bezel Remover is ideal for use on gold cases and bezels that are commonly used on Rolex and other expensive watches. The four flanges of the bezel remover have sharply tapered edges, and are precisely controlled by a large knurled knob. This allows you to grip the watch bezel precisely and securely with the flanges, and then the knob gives you complete control over how you open the bezel, preventing scratching or marring.

  • Great for use on gold watch cases and bezels common in Rolex watches
  • Has four flanges with sharply tapered edges to grip the bezel
  • Gives you complete control over the process with the knurled knob

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