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Automatic watch winder
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  • Automatic watch winder

Boxy Automatic Watch Winder Brick Stackable Single Winder Without Power Adaptor

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Product Description

These innovative watch winders allow you to use up to 12 winders on one power cord (with a special adapter plate). You can stack up to 3 on top of one another with just one power cord without any additional adapters. One watch winder with adapter can stack and power up to 12 watch winders. This is the first stacking winder that uses one power adapter. The great thing is that, if you add another auto watch to your collection, you can just buy 1 more Boxy winder and stack them. This will save a lot of money in the future instead of buying a whole new four watch winder.

Very attractive and full of features not found in expensive winders, the watch cushion design has 2 ways of holding methods and it accommodates larger watches much better than many other winders with watch faces or diameter of 62mm, oversized watches could easily fit. The power, directional, and speed switches makes it extremely easy to operate when changing watches and there is no need to access the back of the winder or remove panels to change the winder settings. These watch winders run fairly silent using MABUCHI made motor with first grade quality of belt driven system. The winding technology uses patented Light Sensor as inside indicator, the motor is counted per turns and it always perform the rotation precisely and comes back to the original position. These winders are designed based on counts per turns, unlike some other winders are counted by time roughly so even with heavy watches that slow other watch winders down, you will get the full results for your valued timepiece.

When winding various watches, functionality is equally important as quality and all BOXY Watch Winders have independent control unit that allows different winding settings to fit different watch brands requirement.  What really sets BOXY Watch Winders apart is that one of the DC Series feature 15 different winding speeds (3 direction settings and 3 TPD settings) and have 3 winding patterns. The different individual settings it will accommodate various automatic watch brands and models (Clockwise, Automatic Bidirectional, Counterclockwise)

  • Single watch winder without power adaptor
  • Carbon fiber front design and protective clear cover
  • Black pillow holder interior design
  • Stackable and connectable
  • 15 winding speeds
  • 3 winding directions
  • 3 TPD settings (Turns Per Day)
  • Size 3.75 x 4 x 4.5 inches (97 x 104 x 110mm)
  • Patent Pending Design
  • 1 year warranty

Power adapter and power expansion plate must be ordered separately to add more than 3 winders (not included)