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Miniature Wire Brass Brush on Mandrels Dia 1" Mandrel Dia 3/32" Crimped .005" (pkg/6)

Wire Brass brush
Wire Brass brush
Your Price: $6.59
Item Number: 16.0794

Use straight or lightly crimped wire to produce a more pronounced finish and is used for cleaning, de-burring, and surface finishing. Use crimped wire to achieve a softer or matte finish. Precision made excellent quality. Used with a flexshaft, Foredom or Dremel type tools.

Wire brushes can be used for fast clean up, deburring and polishing.  Brass brushes are non-sparking and softer than steel.  They will not scratch soft metals like gold, copper, brass.

Dia 1", Mandrel Dia 3/32", Straight Dia .005".  Sold in packs of 6.

Below is a list of uses for a variety of brush styles.  This will help you choose which brush will be the right one for the job you are working on.

  • Soft bristle - for fine polishing
  • Stiff bristle - for cleaning
  • Brass Wire - for Gold, copper and brass
  • Steel Wire - for white metals like, silver, white gold, etc
  • Straight Wire - for stronger cleaning, deburring and surface finishing
  • Crimped Wire - for a softer or matte finish

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