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Roland CAD Jewelry Tools

CAD Jewelry

Esslinger and Company is the ticket is you want to get a handle on computer aided drafting software and equipment. Support is here for you every weekday from 9 to 5, Central Standard Time, where you'll find answers to all of your questions. Our staff is familiar with CAD jewelry design and its intricacies, and, additionally, we have experts in CAM, or computer aided machining, and CNC, or computer numerical control. And for use with loose faceted gemstones and metallic elements we carry instruments and software by Roland, such as the JWX-10, the MDX-40, and the LPX-60/600. Each machine allows the creative designer in you to push the limits of jewelry making with more features, many of which are unique to the Roland name. In addition to the software we also carry jewelry cleaner machines to clean new and returning customers jewelry items.

Roland Training, Loose Faceted Gemstones

Loose Faceted Gemstones

Software use is common with jewelers today, and so it's no wonder that both carries an effective line of CAD jewelry makers' equipment and provides the finest assistance for technical support, hands-on training, and online help. If you subscribe to our annual contract for service, you can plan on unlimited support from the most qualified, responsive technical team anywhere. To get started using your computer aided design system, you'll find training sessions most useful. Don't hesitate to sign up; before you know it you'll be creating delightful conglamerations of loose faceted gemstones and gold or silver components. Each session series provides the basic skills to get the most out of the programs provided by Roland. You'll learn everything from building and saving designs to setting up the four-axis machines. Held in Minneapolis/St. Paul, these classes are scheduled year round for your convenience. Call or contact us today to get started.

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CAD Jewelry



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