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How to Change a Nylon Watch Band

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Learn How to Replace a NYLON SPORT Watch Band

Nylon bands are both easy to change and versatile.  If you can't stand wearing the same watch band every day and want to change the style or look of your watch frequently, this is the watch band style for you.  Follow these simple steps to easily change your nylon watch band as often as you would like.

Tools Needed:
None - you just need your replacement watch band

Step 1

#1) The first step to remove the old watch band is to open the buckle.

step one

Step 2

#2) Once the buckle has been opened, grab the buckle end of the nylon band and pull it out of the watch case. You may need to hold on to the watch case when you do this is the band is a tight fit.

step two

Step 3

#3)Set the watch case and old band aside so that you remember which end of the band belongs where on the case so that the clasp will close the way you want it when you replace the band.  

When the band has been removed, you will want to measure the watch band to find the right size replacement band.  Then, with the size of the band, you can check out our wide selection of watch bands to find the perfect replacement nylon band.

step 3

Step 4

#4) Line up the new band with the old one to figure out which side of the watch case the buckle end belongs on.  Hold the watch case in your hand and take the new replacement band in your other hand.

step 4

Step 5

#5) Slide the tapered end over the solid bar between the watch case lugs and under the watch case itself. Keep pushing the band through until the end comes out between the other pair of lugs, on top of the metal bar.


step 5


Now, simply adjust the position of your watch case on the band and make sure the clasp is on the correct side of the movement.  Once you are certain everything is positioned where you want it, you can put your watch on and continue to wear it again.

your repair is complete
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