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Replacement Pin Set for Citizen CTB-038 Watch Band Link Pin Remover Tool

Your Price: $2.95
Item Number: 59.148.01

The Citizen CTB-038 is designed for removal of friction fit link connecting pins in a variety of widths and thicknesses of watch bracelets. Make sure that the end of the pin mounted in the tool is smaller in diameter than the pin being extracted. This is a set of replacement pins for the tool comes with 3 pins, 2 x 0.70mm diameter and 1 x 1.00mm to fit multiple size watchband pins and the pin tip holder which threads into the tool. The pin is mounted off center so the handle can be rotated and aligned with the pin and then pushed into the band to remove the link pins, the handle is not turned or screwed into the watch band to remove the pin it is simply pushed through by hand, if you run into a rather tight fitted pin you can tap the end of the handle with a nylon or other non-marring face hammer. Made in Japan

  • Replacement pin set for the Citizen CTB-038 Watch band friction fit link pin remover
  • Pin is offset and can be turned to fit different heights of pins
  • Pin is advanced by pushing with hand, it is not threaded or turned to advance into pin
  • Fits watch bands with widths up to 25.5mm
  • Includes 3 pins - 2 x 0.70mm and 1 x 1.00mm and pin holder
  • Made in Japan

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Citizen CTB-038 Watch Band Link Pin Remover Pin Pusher for Band Sizing
Used to remove and replace watch band links, when sizing and repairing watch bands and watches. This Citizen CTB-038 link pin remover tool is a professional quality tool. The push pin type link remover is a must have for watchmakers and hobbyists.

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