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Portable Diamond View Darkfield Light and Polariscope

Portable Polariscope
Portable Polariscope
Your Price: $46.99
Item Number: 29.619

The perfect way to determine whether diamonds have been fracture filled. Used with a Maglite® mini flashlight, this fine instrument becomes a portable darkfield, allowing the user to identify the fillings and flaws in diamonds. Also acts as a polariscope with immersion cell to help identify gemstones. Immersion cell allows you to place your gemstones in liquid for easier viewing. Our Darkfield Diamond Viewer and Polariscope is finished in black oxide for glare free viewing. Comes complete with one Maglite® and is offered in a leatherette pouch.

  • Dark field illuminator
  • Polariscope with emersion cell
  • Battery operated and includes a Mini-Maglite source
  • Takes 2 AA cells (not included)
  • Size 8.5" x 1.25" inches (216 x 33mm)
  • Zipper leatherette pouch

Gemstone Identification
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