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Diamond Quality

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To make it simple, when it comes to diamonds: Quality + Beauty = Value.

You may have heard or read somewhere that the value of a diamond is determined by it quality or grade. The fact of the matter is, that while quality is very important to a diamond's value, it's real value can't be determined without considering how it looks to you - the buyer - and whether or not you find its beauty appealing. No matter how high the grade, if you don't fall in love with the diamond you're buying, it's not a good value.

With that said, below are a collection of articles to help you review the quality factors that go into grading a diamond. These factors are collectively known as the four Cs - cut, clarity, color and carat weight.

Diamonds have been graded using the four Cs for about fifty years. The Gemological Institute of America pioneered the system back in the 1950s. The system has steadily gained acceptance worldwide. In fact, every major diamond grading laboratory in the world uses the GIA diamond grading nomenclature or something very similar on the reports they issue.


Diamonds, just like all other gemstones, are measured in carats. Carat weight is just one aspect of the four part grading system. A diamond’s carat weight is closely related to its rarity: the larger the stone, the rarer it is, & thus the more expensive.
Clarity is another aspect of the four part grading system, & despite what you’ve been told, it is NOT a measurement of a diamond's beauty. Instead it is a measurement of a diamond's purity & rarity. Use this article to learn more about diamond clarity.
There are many misconceptions about diamond coloring; foremost among them is the idea that diamonds are completely colorless. In fact, diamonds come in a range of colors, though the colorless and near colorless stones are more valuable in some respects.
The cut of a diamond is much more than just the shape of a diamond. It is also the way the stone was faceted, which gives cut a heavy influencing factor on the sparkle and overall look of a diamond. Learn more about the importance of cut in this article.

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