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Pocket Knife Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Utility

Your Price: $7.95
Item Number: 39.100

This handy and portable general purpose utility pocket knife features 7 convenient tools. At just 3-1/2" inches in length it fits just about anywhere from a desk to your pocket. It is constructed of stainless steel for strength and durability. The pocket knife is laser etched with and our logo and includes a Phillips screwdriver, file, corkscrew, bottle opener, sharpened bottle opener, scissors and a standard 2.5" inch knife. These tools easily foldout and are firmly held in place, allowing the knife body to be used as a handle which provides a strong grip during use. The knife also has a split ring mounted on the end for attaching lanyards, key chains or other devices.

  • Features stainless steel construction
  • Measures 3.5" inches in length when closed
  • Includes 7 multi-purpose tools in a compact, easy to carry pocket knife
  • Perfect for keeping in your car, on a boat, in your desk or can even be carried with you comfortably

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Microfiber cleaning cloth
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Watch Tool Opener Swiss Case Knife Swiss 2 Blade
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Watch Tool Opener Swiss Case Knife Swiss 2 Blade
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