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Eveready Energizer W3000 Watch and Battery Analyzer Pulse Tester

Battery analyzer tester
Battery analyzer tester
Your Price: $57.88
Item Number: 110.033

This Eveready Energizer watch and battery tester analyzes the electronic pulses that emanate from the watch and determines whether or not the watch is in good working order and if the battery is still working. If you have just replaced the watch battery and the watch refuses to run, chances are that the watch movement itself is damaged, use this analyzer to know for sure. You can also test to see if the battery is in good working shape, it analyzes both silver oxide and lithium watch batteries.

  • Senses electronic pulses emanating from the watch then beeps and flashes indicating the battery is good
  • Analyzes both Silver Oxide and Lithium watch batteries

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How To Replace A Watch Battery
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