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Flip Up Binocular Magnifiers Glasses Your Choice of Power

Binocular Magnified Glasses Flip-up
Binocular Magnified Glasses Flip-upMagnifier Glasses Attachment with Frames
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Magnification/Working Distance:

this product is made in the usa

Flip up binocular magnifier works as a direct attachment to your eyeglasses but also come with frames that you can easily clip the magnifier to. Adjustable height and angle of the pivoting magnifier lenses and will flip out of the way when not needed. Only takes seconds to attach to your eyeglasses and are lightweight and durable. The brow-bar eyeglass frame temples are made of a special material that can be shaped to fit your individual preference for tension over your ears. You can create a comfortable curvature so do not be afraid to make severe bends because the temples are very flexible. Choose the magnification and power that is best for your project. Great for home, office, workshop, and crafts.

  • Comes with a plastic set of eye frames that are specially designed to fit the magnifiers
  • The clip included will mount on most eyeglass frames
  • Soft pouch storage for lenses will not scratch
  • Optical quality lenses
  • Made in USA

Choose from 4 different magnification / working distances

Model Magnification Focal Length
CO3 1.75x 14" Inches
CO4 2x 12" Inches
CO5 2.5x 8" Inches
CO7 2.75x 6" Inches


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