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Foredom Safety Products Kit

Foredom Safety Products
Your Price: $19.95
Item Number: 10.380

When using power tools it is necessary to take proper safety precautions. The Foredom Safety Products Kit offers some of the basic safety equipment required to reduce the risk of personal injury and at a very minimal cost to you. This kit includes safety glasses, 3M ear plugs, 3M particulate respirator, and 3M vetrap tape, all supplied in a plastic storage/travel case. All products included are made in the U.S.A.

Follow all safety instructions included with your power tools before using. Always wear safety glasses when operating any power tool and a respirator when using any abrasive accessory.

Included Products:

  • Safety Glasses: Clear polycarbonate glasses with a contemporary style and unitary lens design. Temples are length adjustable with slotted ends. Comes with black neck cord.
  • 3M Soft Foam Ear Plugs: These are soft foam ear plugs with a patented articulated shape for improved fit and comfort. Made of hypo-allergenic materials, they roll down for easier insertion and fit for small ear canals. Package of three (3).
  • 3M Particulate Respirator: A 3 panel respirator with low profile design that folds flat and fits a wide range of face sizes. Comfortable, lightweight and convenient. Has Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve for working in heat and humidity. Package of three (3).
  • 3M Vetrap Tape: Self-adhering tape is easy to apply and requires no pins, clips or adhesive to secure it. Tape will not loosen over time and stays in place until removed. Does not stick to hair, skin, or anything else. Use to protect fingers during close work with sharp instruments. 2" wide x 15' long

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