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Port A Pac Mini Lab Portable Gemological Kit

Portable gemological kit
Your Price: $849.00
Item Number: 35.0500

This portable gem testing kit features professional instruments needed for gemology and gem identification . Our gemologist tool kit includes a refractometer, polariscope, color filter, and more all neatly packaged into durable carrying case.

Don't get stuck not knowing the difference between real and fake gems. These instruments can help for identifying moissanite and detecting strain in diamonds along with detecting treated ruby, sapphire and synthetic or simulated look-a-like gems.

  • GemPro Refractometer
  • GemPro Polariscope
  • Haneman Aqua Color Filter
  • Brass mm gauge
  • 10x GemOro Hastings Triplet loupe
  • Mini Maglite
  • Gem cloth
  • Tweezers
  • Durable carrying case
  • 1.80 R.I liquid

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Gemstone Identification
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