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Just about everyone knows what their birthstone is, but do you know all the tradition and folklore associated with it? With this handy guide, you can learn about the facts of your birthstone, the folklore associated with it, and much more.
For gemologists, appraisers, and other jewelry professionals it is important to know how to estimate the carat weight of various gemstone shapes and sizes for determining appraising and replacement values. Use this handy chart for the weight equations.
Gem identification is a process of observing & testing a gemstones chemical properties & characteristic structure. This process requires gemological procedures & a well trained eye, & with some help from this article you can begin to develop these skills.
Included here are two charts that will help you easily convert between millimeter size and carat weight for various gemstone cuts and shapes. Now you can always be sure that your conversions are accurate when you can't actually weigh a gemstone.
Gemstones come in various levels of hardness, and the MOHS scale was designed to rate the strength of gemstones and other materials. You can refer to this chart when you need to find out where a particular mineral or gemstone fits on the MOHS scale.
Pearls are a unique and beautiful gemstone. Instead of being found in a rock like other gemstones, pearls are made out of a grain of sand in an oyster. Because of their unique composition, pearls need to be cared for more carefully than other gemstones.
There are a number of famous gemstones and diamonds in the world. Some you may recognize by name, like the Hope Diamond, and others you may have never heard of, like the Fura emerald. Discover the world’s remarkable gemstones here.
You’ve probably heard of the idea of birthstones & even know what yours is, but do you know what your Zodiac Stone is? Use this handy guide to learn what your zodiac stone is. You may be surprised: they aren’t all the same as the traditional birthstones.

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