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Gold Buying Tool Kit With Gold Tester and Electronic Scale

Buying Gold Testing Kit
Buying Gold Testing Kit
Your Price: $99.95
Item Number: 99.560

Are you buying gold? Do you want to sell your gold? This is a great introductory gold buying tool kit that will help you in identifying precious gold and silver. We have put together an affordable way to check your valuables and evaluate the real value of items your buying or selling. This kit can save you real money and easily identify fakes so that you can get the most for your gold.  You can test 10K, 14K, 18K, gold and Silver in only seconds. This set is also designed with the necessary tools to identify fake and plated gold that hold little value. Don't get fooled by imitation jewelry, get the real thing. By purchasing this gold testing tool kit, you will save money over buying each tool individually

  • Test acids 10K, 14K, 18K gold and silver (56.800, 56.801, 56.802, 56.804)
  • Testing stone 56.716
  • Testing needles to identify carat of gold 56.708
  • 800g Digital pocket gram scale  50.956
  • Magnifier loupe 29.621
  • Selvyt cloth 17.080
  • Magnetic checking tool 53.355
  • Half round needle file
  • Zip lock baggies 6"x4" inch 61.12501


How To Test Gold
 Click to Learn How to Test Gold and Silver


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