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What is Horology?

Horologists study the art of time and timekeeping. The term "horo" derives from Latin and means hour, but can also mean time or seasons. Today, many people that study time and consider themselves horology professionals are watchmakers or repairers. Timekeeping has progressed and improved through the years from the huge bell towers of earlier centuries to the smallest and highly accurate wristwatches used currently. Highly skilled craftsmen observe watch movements to repair or correct any inaccuracies found in timepieces. Skilled professionals fix watches as a business, but avid collectors and refurbishers also enjoy the attention to detail required to fix a highly, delicate timepiece. Whether your needing to repair the movement or simple replace the watch batteries of the watches your working on we have it.

Repairing Broken Watch Movements

A broken watch is annoying and if you have invested your money in a high quality timepiece, you want it fixed by a horology professional. Repairing watches is not for the novice. It requires training and experience to correct a problematic watch. Selecting supplies for watches is easy at Esslinger & Co. We offer a variety of products to fix any problem as well as the tools to fix them. We specialize in catering to the jewelry professional, hobbyist, or collector. Our inventory is vast and purchases are filled quickly, so that you can have that watch working again as soon as possible. We have a wide selection of supplies for any watch movements problem.

One-Stop Shopping at Esslinger & Co.

Esslinger & Co. wants to be your watch parts supply and repair headquarters. For 85 years, we have made a reputation for ourselves with our huge inventory, customer service and quick processing. Our wholesale pricing saves your business money and makes you competitive in today's market. The staff at Esslinger & Co. is eager to answer your questions and offer solutions to any problems you may have. Let us supply you with the latest in innovative supplies and tools.


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