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How to Size a Ring using a Counter Loc Ring Guard

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Use this guide to learn how to change your ring size by using a ring guard.


ring guard


Counter Loc Ring Guards are extremely easy and quick to use.  These type of ring sizers are preferred among experienced jewelers for their ease of use and strength of hold.  The prongs are wrapped in opposite directions to provide a counter locking grip around the band, ensuring a safe and secure fit.  Rounded edges make it more comfortable to wear and prevents it from snagging on clothing. 




Tools Needed

Step 1

ring resizing


First measure the band width of your ring so you know which size counter loc ring guard you need to use.  Take your ring and hold it in your hand so that the bottom of the band (the portion of the band that usually sits under your finger) is facing out.  Grab your digital gauge in your free hand and open the jaws wide enough to fit on either side of the bands width.  Close the jaws and record the millimeter width of the band.  

There are 3 available size options for the counter loc style ring guards, each size is meant for a different span of mm widths (the width of the band). Once on the ring, each ring guard can be adjusted to size your ring down
from a 1/8th of a ring size down to 1 1/2 sizes smaller. 


                        Ladies Size: will fit from 1.35 mm up to a 2.50 mm wide band, and a finger size of 5 or larger.

                        Men's Size: will fit up to a 2.75 mm - 5.0 mm width band, and a finger size of 7 or larger.

                        King Size: will fit a 5.00 mm or wider band, and a finger size of 9 or larger.


Step 1

ring sizing


Once you have your counter loc ring guard in hand you can install it into your ring. Holding your ring upside down, place the counter loc guard inside with the smooth side facing up toward the top of the ring.  The prongs on the guard should come out on opposite sides of the band like this.





Step 2

ring wrap


Hold the ring guard in place and use your jeweler’s pliers to gently fold one prong down and wrap the prong around the band like this. The prong should fit snuggly around the band but not cut into the metal. When the first prong is in place, fold down the other prong and wrap it around the band as well.




Step 3

how to size a ring


Once the prongs have been secured around the band, you’ll need to try your ring on.

If it is too tight now, remove the ring and push the counter loc bar down to bend it closer to the band. Try your ring on again and repeat this process until the ring fits just the way you want it to.




Once your ring fits again, you can continue wearing it without fear.  To learn more about ring guards and how to install them, you can check out these related articles:

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