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Jeweler's Shop Apron Made of Lightweight Flame Resistant Cotton Navy Blue

Jewelers Apron
Your Price: $22.75
Item Number: 47.307

This high quality jeweler’s apron is made from a durable, flame resistant cotton fabric. Excellent for workshop use when casting, soldering and other work where you need a little extra protection. The fabric is much lighter than a denim apron, and is extremely comfortable and easy to work in. It is a pretty dark Navy Blue color and comes in one size: 24" x 36". This apron provides excellent Fire Resistant Protection.

  • Jewelers apron provides a safety barrier in the shop from flame and chemicals
  • Made of flame resistant cotton which is much lighter and softer than commonly used denim
  • Apron measures 24" x 36" inches
  • Navy blue in color

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