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  • 21 mm 10x hex precision triplet diamond jewelry loupe

Jewelry and Watch Loupe Precision Triplet Diamond 21mm 10x Hex

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Product Description

These high quality Hastings Triplet loupes feature superior Japanese optics. Three bonded aplantic & achromatic color corrected lenses eliminate color distortion. Each supplied with a leather case. Also available with non-slip rubber grip.

  • New 10X Eye Loupe
  • This is a new 10X Hastings eye loupe with a swing away case
  • The shape allows it to rest comfortably in the eye socket
  • It has an 21 mm lens
  • This has become the standard style of loupe used in the watch making industry and is excellent for any application where magnification is needed
  • In terms of performance, Hastings is second to none
  • Product size 1.4" X 1.1" X 1" Inches (34 X 26 X 25mm)