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Baskets for your Jewelry Cleaner Machine

Everything you need to make jewelry and watches, to repair them, or to correct mistakes in the middle of designing is here. Everything you need, from the basket that can be used with your ionic jewelry cleaner machine to Attack, the answer to misaligned bonds and smudged beads, is here at Jewelers have long known our name, and that we're the source for horology and gemology requirements. So we work to maintain a long-standing reputation. Our inventory includes everything from fine diamonds to our battery operated gold tester and diamond tester. We carry watches, Celtic jewelry and even the packaging you need to send your creations out into the world.

CAD Software: 3D

CAD Software 3D

It's the most sought after software. With its pave, bezel, its channel, patterns, textures and even prong design tools that let you make a virtual design, revise, re-design and come to the place you'd like to be before using actual materials. What a time and money saver. It's CAD software 3D design technology you'll wish you'd always had. No wonder is respected by jewelers everywhere. From the handy little baskets for your jewelry cleaner machine to the most advanced software, you'll find what you need here.

CAD, Gold Tester, and Craftsmanship

The world of making watches and rings has changed. And yet, it's remained the same. Technology has brought the wonderful advances of CAD software, 3D design tools that help you make amazing things before you ever lift a jeweler's tool. And there's the clean, easy-to-use battery operated gold tester. But the world of ornamentation is still rooted deeply in the self-respecting fine craftsmanship and distinct, personal attention from your neighborhood jeweler. Here at, we commit to moving forward and staying put at the same time; that's how we can be your best resource. From loose faceted gemstones to jewelry testers, got the products you need to run your jewelry business.

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