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Jewelry Gift Guide

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It's no secret that finding the perfect gift for your significant other can be a daunting task, especially when it is also a gift that will commemorate a special anniversary or day.  While there is no way to predict that a gift will be perfect for every person around the world, this list provides a number of suggestions to give you a starting point on your journey to find the perfect anniversary gift.


Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Wedding Anniversary Gemstones Modern Traditional Flowers
1st Gold Jewelry Clock Paper Pansy
2nd Garnet China Cotton/Straw Cosmos
3rd Pearls Crystal/Glass Leather Fuchsia
4th Blue Topaz Linen/Silk Books/Flowers/Fruits Geranium
5th Sapphire Silverware Wood Daisy
6th Amethyst Wood Iron/Sugar Calla Lily
7th Onyx Desk Set Copper/Wool Jack-in-the-Pulpit
8th Tourmaline Lace/Linen Bronze/Pottery Clematis
9th Lapis Lazuli Leather Pottery/Willow Poppy
10th Diamond Jewelry Diamond Jewelry Aluminum/Tin Daffodil
11th Turquoise Fashion Jewelry Steel Morning Glory
12th Jade Color gems/pearls Linen/Silk Peony
13th Citrine Furs/Textiles Lace Hollyhock
14th Opal Gold Jewelry Ivory Dahlia
15th Ruby Watches Crystal Rose
16th - Silver - -
17th - Porcelain - -
18th - Furniture - -
19th - Bronze - -
20th Emerald Platinum China Day Lily
21st - Bronze/Nickel - -
22nd - Copper - -
23rd - Silver Plate - -
24th - Musical Instruments - -
25th Silver Jubilee Silver Silver Iris
30th Pearl Jubilee Diamond Jewelry Pearls Lily
35th Emerald Jade Coral -
40th Ruby Ruby Ruby Nasturtium
45th Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire -
50th Golden Jubilee Gold  Gold Violet
55th Alexandrite Emerald Emerald -
60th Diamond Jubilee Diamond Diamond -
70th Sapphire/Smokey Quartz Platinum Diamond/Platinum -
75th Sapphire Jubilee Diamond Diamond -

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