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Keepsake Pendant Kit 14K Yellow Gold Large Size

Your Price: $229.95
Item Number: 66-957-251
Sometimes your sentimental jewelry is no longer in a condition where it can be repaired or it’s rare stones and counterparts are irreplaceable. Keepsake pendants can hold small mementos like birthstones, jewelry parts, photos, and other small treasures, allowing you to keep a memory alive and close to heart. Say you have your Grandmothers pearl necklace that is aged and beyond restringing or repair, putting the clasp and some of the pearls into a keepsake pendant allows you to continue on the tradition and honor of wearing the inherited jewelry. Keeping precious mementos from vacations or growing children are another way to fill these pendants, use small shells, a swab of clothing, or any other small treasures.  

Keepsake Pendant kits allow you to customize your pendant by choosing which items you wish to enclose.  Two plastic crystals are included which are used to place your items between then set into the metal bezel pendant.  The bezel pendant has a screw type closure to keep the crystals securely in place.  A screwdriver is included within the kit that will be used to screw close the bezel.  Review the inside depth and diameter below to ensure your ideal trinkets will fit between the two crystals dimensions.  The snap on bail can be snapped onto the round attachment ring of the bezel, which allows the pendant to be strung onto a neck chain. 

Keepsake Pendant Kit Includes:

  • Bezel Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold in the Large Size
  • Inside Diameter of Pendant: 34.00 mm
  • Inside Depth of Pendant: 6.00mm (anything thicker will not fit into the pendant)
  • 2 High Dome Plastic Crystals (to enclose items)
  • 14K Yellow Gold Snap on Pendant Bail
  • 1.2 mm Flat Blade Screwdriver (Handle color may vary).

Pendant Chains are Sold Separately.  Locket Kits do not include trinkets pictured inside of the locket.

How To Replace A Watch Battery
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How To Make Personalized Jewelry with Our Keepsake Pendant Kits


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