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LaVaque Visual Alignment Head and Shank Jeweler's Tweezers Locking

Head and shank tweezer
Head and shank tweezer
Your Price: $33.95
Item Number: 54.909

The patented La Vaque Visual Alignment Tweezers for soldering accurately the first time, every time. If you have ever soldered a head onto a shank only to find it misaligned by a few degrees, you'll love these tweezers. This wide grooved tip securely holds the shank in place while the transparent glass base secures the head, allowing you to see from the top and all sides for perfect alignment. The tweezers is also locking, so it can be held or placed in a vise, giving the user more options and versatility when working. Replaceable heat tolerant glass withstands direct flame and soldering temperatures required for gold and silver, lasting for dozens of jobs. Tweezers Measures 5.75" in length and includes 2 pieces of glass. Not recommended for platinum or other metals requiring higher soldering temperatures.
  • The LaVaque tweezers will accurately align ring shank with head
  • Glass allows viewing at all angles for perfect alignment
  • Heat resistant glass is replaceable
  • Tweezers is locking so it is not required to be held together
  • Tweezers measures 5.75" inches in length
  • Not intended for high heat, such as welding or platinum soldering

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