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GemOro Lite Loupe Triplet Optical Quality 10X UV & LED Light

10x Loupe UV Light Source
Retail Price: $46.95
Your Price: $32.99

Product Options

Color Choices:

Now with TRIPLET lenses for diamond grading quality!

Increase diamond and jewelry sales with the world's most stylish and professional loupe with LED lighting.  A modern ergonomic design with style and unmatched functionality with many features.  Each loupe includes a loupe chain, batteries, and a faceted gift box.  Fun colors to pick from! 

  • Triplet quality optics
  • 10x magnification with large 20mm lens
  • Plastic Case
  • Perfectly balanced LED light illumination with 3 position switch including super bright daylight and UV 400nm light sources.
  • Ergonomic, thumb curve, foldable design.
  • Fluorescence detection
  • Superior optical quality, crisp, distortion-free, lightweight polycarbonate lens with durable scratch resistant coating
  • Dustproof enclosed lens
  • Super light weight frame design eliminated hand and neck fatigue
  • Contemporary stainless steel accent panels (front and back side)
  • Each loupe includes a loupe chain, batteries, and a faceted gift box
  • Replacement battery 392 (3pcs)
  • Product size 2.2" X 1.1" X 1" (54 X 28 X 26mm)


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Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Great Quality
Paul w. (Jupiter, FL) 3/21/2011 1:59 PM
I took a chance buying this loupe and paid more than I am used to for a loupe but wanted a quality loupe. This looked kind of gimmicky but turned out to be a great buy, the dual lights are nice and good quality dont distort the color of stones when viewed. And the triplet lens is also the quality I was looking for. $40 was pretty spendy and why I gave it 4 stars but definately worth it. I would recommend this if your looking for a light loupe that is actually made well!

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