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Jewelry Loupe and Watch Loupe Aluminum 4x - 10x (choose power)

Aluminum Eye Loupe
Retail Price: $2.49
Your Price: Starting at $1.49

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Power & Focal Length:

High-quality, durable loupes are tough but lightweight. This pocket-size piece has distortion-free lenses and black on the inside of the aluminum housing to eliminate glare.

  • Lens magnification ranges from 4x - 10x with varying focal distances
  • High-quality
  • Distortion-free lens
  • Aluminum housing
  • Product size 1.7" X 1.7" X 1.3" Inches (43 X 42 X 33mm)

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Magnifier Loupe with Headband
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Magnifier Loupe with Headband
Our loupe with headband is just the tool you need to be able to use a jewelers loupe totally hands free. A great tool for any watchmaker or jeweler. Made to match the high quality standards you expect.
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Jewelry Loupe Aluminum 10x
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