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Bausch & Lomb Eyeglass Loupe Focus 2"

Eyeglass loupe
Your Price: $34.95

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this product is made in the usa

This Classic Metal Eyeglass Loupe from Bausch and Lomb, is made with precision optical glass. This loupe incorporates the following features:

  • Light weight and durable material and ergonomic design
  • Two styles of side shield adapters (included)
  • A secure fit to most shapes and styles of safety eyewear.
  • High quality case provided to protect your investment.
  • Ideal for the jewelers and hobbies that need to do detail work.
  • Focus 2", Power 5x
  • Fit eyeglass frames from 1/16" to 1/4" temple width
  • Each lens is 24mm in diameter
  • Made in USA

Bausch & Lomb has brought back its classic eyeglass loupe with significant enhancements. The lens is precision optical quality glass. Each lens is 24 mm in diameter. The eyeglass loupe attaches to the temple of your glasses with a reinforced steel clip. The clip is now specially engineered to accommodate wide temples and narrow wire temples. The eyeglass loupe removes instantly when not in use. It is available in single and double lens models. Each eyeglass loupe comes standard with a leather case and special attachments to protective eye shields.
The ultra light eyeglass loupe is designed with comfort in mind. Lenses are precision ground. The lens pivots out of the for normal viewing and easily aligns when magnification is needed.
The Bausch & Lomb classic eyeglass loupe is a smart purchase if you are also planning to buy the Bausch & Lomb Magna Visor. This is because the eyeglass loupe attaches to the Magna Visor to provide optional monocular magnification.
Eyeglass loupes are available in single or double lens combinations with a variety of focal lengths and powers. Changeable cams are included to fit eyeglass frames from 1/16" to 1/4" temple width. The eyeglass clamp easily converts from right to left temple mounting. Made in USA.

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