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Jewelry Loupe with LED Light Plastic 10x Power

Lighted jewelery loupe
Your Price: $9.95
Item Number: 29.021

This is not just your ordinary eye loupe. This jeweler’s loupe features a bright LED light that makes it perfect for detail work. A jeweler’s loupe is made to help you examine the color, cut, clarity, and all other aspects of a stone up close. With the addition of an LED light, you will be able to examine the stone even more closely. It is also great for repairing watches, as it will shine a light into the small areas of a watch movement that are usually hard to see.

  • Loupe has 10x magnification
  • LED light is powered by 2 CR1620 cells
  • Perfect for jewelers and watchmakers
  • Product size 2.3" X 1.5" X 1.4" Inches (57 X 38 X 38mm)
  • Made in India

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