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Payment Options


Order online with Credit Card:
You can pay for your items by credit card: Visa, Master Card, and Discover. Just enter your payment information during checkout process on our website. Credit card information will be sent safely with our SSL certificate to our merchant processing so that credit card and other information will be protected. Credit card information can be stored in your account for future use, or deleted for security. All payments must be made in US dollars.

Due to the risks involved in selling precious metals and high-value items online, we reserve the right to refuse to accept a credit card for payment even for small dollar amount orders. In efforts for better security, we may require supplemental information to verify the identity for the purchase and you will be asked to provide a card verification number. This number appears on the back side of your credit card above the signature line.

order by mail
Order By Mail:
You can send us your order request along with the payment made to "Esslinger and Company" (money order or cashiers check only, product will be shipped after the check has cleared). Payments must be in US Dollars. Returned checks will be charged a fee of $20.00 or the maximum allowed by law.

Our Address:
Esslinger and Company
1165 Medallion Dr.
Saint Paul, MN 55120 USA

Order by Fax:
You can send us your product request along with the payment details
(please include a copy of the front and back of your credit card as well photo ID).

Our Fax number: 651-452-4298

Bank Wire (Orders over $5000 must be paid by bank wire transfer)
Minimum wire amount: $500.
Wire transfers usually arrive within 1-2 business days. Our bank will notify us when the wire transfer has arrived and we can often ship the same day that we receive the wire transfer. We are not responsible in any fee or costs from your bank in sending the wire transfer. Payments must be in US dollars

Is my money safe? Credit cards and wire transfers have gotten a negative attention thanks to international scam artists, but yes, it is safe to pay with a credit card or send a wire transfer to reputable businesses. Before you send us a wire transfer or cashiers check, we invite you to check out our business entirely to your satisfaction. Most of our pages contain links to organizations that we are members of who are completely independent and can verify that we are who we say we are and that the products we sell are sold under strict industry guidelines and regulations.

International Payments
We are is pleased to sell our products to many countries outside of the USA but due to logistics and some past experiences, we find it necessary to set different rules for international payments. We may contact the buyer to confirm identity or require supplemental information to verify the identity for the purchase.
We reserve right refuse orders outside of the USA. We do not accept orders from Nigeria, Malaysia, or the Philippines.

Customer Accounts
Our existing credit account customers can place orders via our website with the charges going directly onto their Esslinger account. To use your existing Esslinger credit account for website order payment; during step #3 in the checkout process select the dropdown box to select your payment method choosing "Account Number" then enter your customer number in the field provided.

If you would are interested in opening an Esslinger credit account, please complete our credit application and fax back to us at (651)-452-4298. A customer representative will get back to you within 3 working days with any questions or your new account information.

Sales Tax
Minnesota residents will be charged sales tax in accordance with state and twin cities sales tax requirements



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