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Witschi Premium Quality Watch Case Press With 8 Two-Sided Nylon Dies

Premium watch case press
Retail Price: $179.00
Your Price: $159.00
Item Number: 64.0908

This  European made premium quality watch case press with 8 two-sided nylon dies can easily press on watch backs, watch crystals, or watch bezels. The dies have both a walled and flat side or double sided walled fixtures. Smaller and more compressed than the traditional Case Press, this watch press takes up less space on your work bench without losing any of the leverage provided by a press. The nylon design keeps the dies from scratching or marring the surface of the watch case and screw down type closing gives more control and helps eliminate potential damage to the watch.

  • Made of die cast steel
  • Includes eight double sided nylon dies with snap on centers
  • 4 Double sided flat walled dies  (22/26mm, 30/34mm, 38/42mm and 46/50mm)
  • 4 flat sided and flat walled dies (32mm, 40mm, 48mm and 56mm)
  • Only 5 inches tall
  • Made in France

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