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Rhodium Plating Equipment Starter Kit

Your Price: $539.00
Price Will Vary With Current Rhoduim Market
Item Number: 45.629

Rhodium Plating Outfit

If you are just starting to prepare to do plating or need to replace your old plating equipment, this kit will offer you everything you need to get started with rhodium plating and at a great price! Includes a plating guide to help you through the basic equipment you need and also has instructions for other plating metals like nickel, gold, and copper.


  • Arbe 25 amp rectifier (#45.508)
  • Two 600 ml glass beakers (#45.640)
  • Two beaker covers (#45.644)
  • Platinized Titanium anode (#45.601)
  • Stainless steel anode (#45.0316)
  • 1 Pint Rhodium solution kit (#45.620)
  • Spool of Copper Wire (#43.562)
  • Tiva Clean electro cleaner (#45.249)
  • Plating guide (#62.01215)

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