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Zimbal's The Professional's Handbook Pre-Owned Rolex Watches 8th Edition by Ona Kadlu & Gary Zumbaugh

Pre-Owned Rolex Handbook
Your Price: $58.99
Item Number: 62.010

This book was written to help you identify genuine and non-genuine Rolex watches. It features the knowledge accumulated through 20 years experience by the author, Gary Zimbaugh, as well as the knowledge of other watch experts from around the world. The book contains point by point examinations and examples that are not available anywhere else. Topics covered include: 18K white gold and platinum cases, Oyster quartz cases, movement authenticity, diamond dials, diamond bezels, and other accessories. Every topic is documented with more photographic detail than ever before! This book is indispensable for anyone working with Rolex watches.

  • Written by Gary Zimbaugh who has 20 years of experience in the field
  • Point by point examinations and examples
  • Covers a wide variety of topics
  • Each topic is documented with more pictures than ever before
  • Perfect for anyone who works with Rolex watches
  • 56 Pages
  • Product size 11" X 8" X 1" Inches (279 X 203 X 25mm)

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