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Rotary Tool Workshop with Flexible Handpiece Attachment

Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Kit
Flex Shaft Rotary Tool KitRotary Tool AccessoriesRotary Tool Hand PieceRotary Tool MotorRotary Tool MotorRotary Tool MotorRotary Tool Hand Piece
Your Price: $48.99
Item Number: 34.523

Perfect for home or workshop, this rotary tool outfit is a great value. Drill, polish, sand, grind and texture with over 85 accessories - all included. The motor has an RPM range of 10,000-32,000 and the speed is adjustable. Perhaps the most versatile component in the set is the flexible shaft with attached hand piece. The flex-shaft improves working range of motion and gives better control for detail tasks. There are 4 collets to fit the hand piece which hold different sizes of mini-mandrels; drills, brushes and polishing wheels. All contents fit comfortably in the carry case for easy transport.

  • 120v adjustable speed motor
  • 10,000-32,000 RPM
  • 36" inch flexible shaft/ hand piece
  • Over 85 accessories included for drilling, polishing, sanding, grinding and texturing
  • For better control use the included flex-shaft attachment with hand piece
  • All pieces fit in convenient carrying case

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