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Royal Pith Premium Pithwood Buttons 6pk Hard

Royal Pithwood Premium 6 Pack
Royal Pithwood Premium 6 Pack
Your Price: $14.49
Item Number: 23.339

Pith wood is a soft, spongy wood that comes from the center of the elder tree, it works well for holding and cleaning watch parts due to it being tough yet flexible and non-abrasive it also lacks resins that can contaminate your parts. Pith wood buttons are commonly used to clean small watch parts like pinions for example and tools like the tips of tweezers to prevent grease and oil contamination. It also works well for storing small parts like hands and stems as it wont damage or contaminate them. This Premium "Royal pith" pithwood is high quality professional-grade pith wood which is much harder and less porous than our other two grades of pith wood and lasts longer as well. Sold in packages of 6 various sized buttons.

  • Royal Pith premium pith wood buttons for cleaning and holding small parts and tools
  • High quality professional-grade pith wood has a higher density and less porosity then lower grades
  • Pithwood buttons are used to clean watch parts and fine tool tips before use to remove contamination like oil and grease
  • Pithwood buttons are also commonly used for holding fine parts like watch pinions, pallet forks, stems or hands as it is clean and non-abrasive
  • Box of six buttons of assorted sizes all with a height of approximately 12.5mm and diameters ranging from 15 - 30mm (each package will vary)

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Product Reviews

(2 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Must have, period.
Christopher Van (Bridgewater, MA) 11/26/2011 1:33 AM
These work fantastic for cleaning tools as your working. I get a kick out of keeping with the tradition of deploying pith wood in my watch adventures. Also works to clean pinions and so forth.

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