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Sherline 4000a 4100a Lathe 3.5" x 8" with Chucks (Metric or Inch)

Sherline 4000a Lathe with Chucks
Your Price: $725.00

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The Sherline 4000A / 4100a lathe includes a powerful 90 VDC motor with electronic speed controller, a 2.75" (70mm) x 6.0" (152mm) crosslide, 15" (381mm) steel bed to allow 8" (203mm) between centers, standard 1-5/8" (41mm) laser engraved aluminum handwheels, 2.5" 3-jaw self-centering chuck, 1/4" tailstock drill chuck w/ key, #0 Morse arbor, #1 Morse arbor with drawbolt, pulleys, belt, faceplate, lathe dog, two dead centers, three hexagonal keys, tool post, sharpened high-speed steel cutting tool, eight-foot, three-wire power cord and instruction booklet. This lathe can turn a part up to 3.5” in diameter over the bed or up to 1.88” over the carriage without riser blocks. With an optional riser block, parts up to 6” in diameter can be turned over the bed. The lathe has 8” of space between centers. The electronic speed control allows continuously variable speed control from 70 to 2800 RPM without belt changes. There is a second pulley position available that offers extra torque at low RPM if needed.

This lathe is a good choice for clockmakers, modelers or those who will be working on small parts. It is also the most compact lathe we make and is easily used where space is at a premium and can be stored on a closet shelf.

  • Sherline 4000a 3.5" x 8" lathe
  • Available in mm (4100a) or inch (4000a) measurements
  • Includes chuck package
  • Perfect size for watchmakers and clockmakers
  • 90 VDC motor with electronic speed controller

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