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Single Lens Eyeglass Loupe

Eyeglass loupe
Eyeglass loupe
Your Price: $21.99

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Focal Length / Power:

this product is made in the usa

The ultra-light Eyeglass Loupe is designed with maximum comfort and utility. Lenses are high quality optical grade materials from precision ground and polished molds. Very lightweight and tough materials provide superior durability.

The lens pivots out of the way for normal viewing and easily aligns when magnification is needed.  Eyeglass Loupes area available in single or double lens combinations with a variety of focal length and powers.

Changeable cams are included to fit eyeglass frames from 1/16" to 1/4" temple width.  The eyeglass clamp easily converts from right to left temple mounting


Lens Magnification

Focal Range

Lens Diameter

3x 3-1/2" 26.7mm
4x 2-1/2" 26.7mm
5x 2" 26.6mm
7x 1-1/2" 26.0mm
10x 1" 17.6mm


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