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Sterling Silver Pendant Mounting with 4 Prongs Pre Cut For Easy Setting

How To make a pendant with a sterling silver necklace setting
How To make a pendant with a sterling silver necklace settingRound Setting Sterling Silver Pedant Mounting, Snap Settings, Pre Cut Notched Prongs Sterling Silver Mountings, Prec Cut Prongs Notched
Your Price: Starting at $2.70
Sale Price: Starting at $1.89

Product Options

MM Size / Average Carat Size:
  •  Sterling Silver 4 Prong Round Pendant Mounting
  •  Pre Cut Prongs
  •  Medium Weight
  •  Medium Profile Crown
  •  Tumbled to a Semi Polish (non rhodium plated)

Learn How To Use Our Pre Cut Settings

The sterling silver pre cut pendant settings have very malleable prongs allowing you to fit a larger range of stone sizes within the same setting.  See our product options above to view the range of mm sizes each setting will fit.

Pre Cut Settings makes setting a gemstone quick and simple. No more worry about cutting the seat of your prong too shallow, too deep, or unevenly. You get a consistently perfect cut setting with without having to take the time to cut the prongs yourself.  Even a novice can set diamond cut colored gemstones in seconds, there’s no need to have the bench jeweler do the work.  When setting stones in sterling silver pre cut settings the use of a jewelers pliers is required for shaping and arranging the prongs to properly fit around your stone.

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